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Colorado Jazz Band Audio Samples

Colorado Jazz Quartets
Sax with piano, bass and drums
Guitar with piano, bass and drums
Trumpet with piano, bass, and drums
Max Wagner Quartet (Vocal/Sax, Piano, Bass, drums)
Chaz Bowles Quartet (Vocal/Trumpet, Piano, Bass, Drums)
Vibraphone with piano, bass and Drums (Vibraphone, Piano, Bass, drums)
Trombone with piano, bass and drums 
 Sampler of Female vocals with piano, bass and drums

Currently Available Vocalists :
Crystal Collins
Heidi Schmidt
Suzanne Morrison
Bob Harris
Frank Baier
Teresa Carroll

Colorado Jazz Fusion Quintet
Keyboard, bass, drums, sax and guitar
Quartet at the Great American Beer Fest

Other "Classic" Jazz  Quintets
Sax and trumpet with piano, bass and drums
Vocals and either sax or trumpet with piano, bass and drums

Colorado Jazz Trios
 Piano, bass and drums
Piano, bass and sax
Piano, bass and trumpet
Piano, bass and guitar
Piano, bass and vocals

Colorado Jazz Duos
Piano and Bass
Piano and Sax
Piano and Trumpet
Piano and Guitar
Piano and Vocals

Solo Piano
(Solo Piano Samples)

Contemporary Jazz Sextet, Original Music
Live in Concert at the Newman Center for the Performing Arts

Stop - No Entry
Childs Play
Twice Removed